" Universal Peace, Friendship, Love and Prosperity "                                                                                                                                                                                        
Life Research Centre International is a  voluntary charity  organization  for community development  and welfare for the people of the world society spreading the messages of

                                                            " Universal Peace, Friendship, Love and Prosperity"                                                                                  


Main aim : General welfare of the world society

Main Objectives : Economic, Educational, Cultural, Spiritual, Social upliftment & General welfare of the world’s society.
1) To undertake and do all activities that are needful, suitable, and conducive for the general welfare, economic, educational, cultural, spiritual and social progress of the people and society all over the world.
2)  To promote and spread the messages of   " Universal Peace, Friendship, Love and Prosperity"  all over the world.
3) To conduct research studies about the present life conditions of the world society, problems faced by them, find out solutions and implement it.
4)  To conduct research studies about community development for the benefit and welfare of individuals and families of the society around the world.
 5) To provide help to the poor, old aged, orphans, widows, and those suffering from diseases.
6) To set up institutions and conduct training programmes for the benefit of the people.
 7) To set up commercial establishments for the purpose of generation of employment oppurtunities, providing loans, conducting business for the benefit of the society.
8)  To set up hospitals and clinics for treatments and service of the people.
9)  To provide financial assistance and scholarships for education and for higher studies for the people who are in need especially from the socially, educationally and economically backward communities.
10)  To promote traditional arts, culture, cultural tourism  and eco- tourism.
11) To help and give relief to the poor and indigent and other deserving persons by providing food, clothes, medicine, financial needs, home and other necessities, to provide books & study materials to students and illiterates.
12) To manage and administer orphanage homes, nursing homes, retirement homes, long term care homes, old age homes, hospitals, library, reading rooms, trust, schools, colleges, universities and other institutions irrespective of race, caste, creed, religion, social status or nationality.   

  Food, Home, Health & Hygiene, Education, Training, Employment, Financial Stability, Safety, Security, Faith, Truth, Justice, Human Values, Equality, Harmony in Diversity

                                         " Universal Love, Friendship, Peace and Prosperity"
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